Blood Draw Department

You can come to the Blood draw department for blood draw or to submit samples of your urine or feces. The lab will analyze the samples according to the specifications requested by your physician. The results will be sent to the physician who made the request. 

  • Find the blood draw department on the ground floor near clinic 3.
  • Opening hours: Monday through Friday between 07:30 and 17:00.
  • We usually see fewer crowds after 14:00.

To receive your results, please contact the physician who requested the test for you.

Important to know

Blood draw - how does it work?

You come to us with your appointment card which you can scan at the digital registration terminal. You will receive a number and can take a seat in our waiting room. Once your number appears on the display, you can head to the blood draw cubicle corresponding to the number that appears on the screen. Once you have reached the correct cubicle, the assistant will help you out. 


If you would prefer more privacy during the procedure, please let one of the employees at the desk know. Once your blood has been analyzed at the lab, your physician will discuss the results with you at a scheduled time. 

What if you cannot eat before the blood draw?

Certain analyses require you to have an empty stomach when drawing blood. Your physician will tell you whether this is the case for you. This will mean that you cannot eat or drink after 22:00 on the night before your blood draw. You can still have a small sip of water. Of course, you can still take medication. 

Please make sure you follow your physician’s orders so we can be sure that the test results are valid.

How to submit a urine sample?

Please make sure you collect your urine sample in the proper way. Make sure you follow your physician’s orders. We recommend that women avoid submitting urine samples taken during menstruation. Morning urine is preferred. 

Please start to pee into the toilet and collect a sample of urine mid-stream in the container you received from the blood draw department or the clinic.

Write your full name and initials on the container, and include your date of birth, and the date and time you collected the sample. 

Note: please submit the urine as soon as possible, preferably within two hours after collection.

How to submit a 24 hour urine collection?

Were you asked to collect your urine for 24 hours? Please use the large container provided by the clinic or blood draw department. Choose a day on which you will start your collection. 

Please write your name, date of birth, and the start date of your collection. Do not collect your first morning urine, but collect all urine from that point onwards, including the morning urine of the following day. Please stop collecting after exactly 24 hours. 

Write down the time on which you quit collecting on the container and bring it to the Blood draw department. If you are admitted to the hospital, the nursing staff will arrange this for you. 

Some tips: do not rinse the container with water and start over (with an empty container, on the following day) if any urine got lost during collection.

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