Physical therapy

If you are experiencing problems with your posture or movement, a physical therapist can help you find a solution. You can request assistance with your physical condition, muscle strength, edema, posture, or coordination. Your treatment may consist of education and information, advice, edema physical therapy, or referral to a specialized physical therapist in your area. 

What can we do for you?
  • Your physical therapist will assess your problems or your risk of developing problems, based on their knowledge of the postural and locomotor apparatus and the effects of cancer. 
  • If you are undergoing specific medical treatments, your physical therapist will map out your functioning before your medical treatment. This allows us to better fit the advice or potential physical therapy (as part of your rehabilitation, or otherwise) after your medical treatment.
  • Treatment can consist of information, recommendations, or guidance in expanding your strength and endurance. If necessary, we have a specialized edema therapy track available.
Our team


Find us on the first floor of the Survivorship Center (clinic 4). If you have an appointment, please check in at the digital registration terminal at clinic 4. 


If you are admitted to one of the hospital wards at the Netherlands Cancer Institute, our physical therapist may be part of your treatment. Your practicing physician can request treatment by a physical therapist. During your stay at the hospital, your physical therapist will regularly discuss your progress with your specialists. If you have not been admitted to the hospital, you may be eligible for treatment by a physical therapist in your area, before or after examination and advice from a specialized physical therapist at the Netherlands Cancer Institute.

Your physical therapist will help you find the best solution for you. If you have problems in areas outside of movement and posture, you may qualify for rehabilitation treatment. You can request treatment by a physical therapist yourself. Please consult your specialist, clinical nurse specialist, or general practitioner.

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