Smoking Cessation Clinic

The Smoking Cessation Clinic helps patients currently receiving treatment, or who have previously received treatment at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. The Smoking Cessation Clinic aims to help you quit smoking to increase your quality of life after cancer.

What can we do for you?

An oncology nurse navigator specialized in smoking cessation will help and guide you towards a life without a tobacco dependency, with a focus on habit modifications and insights into the mechanisms behind your addiction. We can also give you advice about products that can help you manage your withdrawal symptoms. We will make use of your previous experiences giving up smoking in the progress. The Smoking Cessation Clinic will teach you how to live a life without tobacco dependency through an entire year of intensive, professional guidance with a positive attitude.

How to set up your appointment?

Would you like to set up an appointment with a smoking cessation coach? Please email us! Don’t forget to include your patient number. We will contact you to set up an appointment. You can also ask your practicing physician or contact person for a referral.

Our team

First appointment

During your first 45 minute consultation, we will discuss your answers to our questionnaire and our approaches on how to stop smoking. You will receive a list outlining all the benefits of quitting and a schedule outlining when you can expect these positive changes to take place after quitting. 

Follow-up consultations

During the first period, we will schedule frequent consultations with you. Later during the year, these consultations will decrease in frequency to once a month, or once every two months. The number of appointments that you will have, depends on your personal situation. You can choose between phone consultations and appointments at the clinic. 

What are the consultations about?

During these follow-up consultations, we will discuss the symptoms that you face after quitting smoking. We will also discuss your risks in various situations (situations in which it is hard for you not to smoke) and we will look for ways to cope with them.

Final consultation

If you would prefer, we can schedule a final consultation at the end of the year. During this consultation, we will evaluate the year and give you recommendations for the future. 

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