What is the Geriatrics department?

The Geriatrics department, also known as geriatric medicine, is the care for elderly people. We are available to elderly people who face other problems besides their cancer. These can be physical, mental, functional, or social issues. Geriatricians try to prolong or recover the self-sufficiency of elderly people, and to improve the quality of life as much as possible. If you are over 70 years old (in some cases younger) and are undergoing diagnostics or treatment at our hospital, your practicing physician may refer you to a geriatrician for an examination. 

What can we do for you?

During your appointment at the Geriatrics department, we will take a holistic approach and examine you as a person - physically as well as mentally. We will ask you about your previous medical experiences, medication, self-sufficiency, daily activities, and social situations. We will examine your entire body. You may need to have additional tests done, like a blood test or memory test. The total examination will take approximately 90 minutes. 

We can help you evaluate problems that may occur during or after treatment. These problems are caused by your illness or age. We can offer advice about measures to prevent these issues. 

Special focus

You can come to us with questions about:

  • Delirium (more common in older people during illness or after surgery. This is an acute confusional state that develops over several hours or days. Someone will be restless and excitable, confused, unable to focus.)
  • Fall prevention (to prevent falls)
  • Polypharmacy (the use of five or more medications)
  • Memory problems (if you think that your memory functions less well than before)

If you need additional geriatric examinations, your geriatrician may refer you to a Geriatrics department at a different hospital.

Our team

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