Interventional radiology

The interventional radiology department at the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI) specializes in oncological procedures. We have years of experience in treatment and research. At the NKI, we also treat larger tumors using interventional radiology.

Treatment with interventional radiology destroys tumor cells with extreme heat administered through the insertion of needles. We can also provide treatments with thin tubes into the bloodstream, gastrointestinal tract, or urinary tract to shrink the tumor or to support other medical treatments.

During treatment, the physician will use radiology imaging to determine the exact location of the tumor. These images are provided by an x-ray machine, ultrasound, MRI scanner, or CT scanner. This allows for increased precision in treatment, leading to less tissue damage in the surrounding areas. This treatment is minimally invasive. Interventional radiology procedures are used to treat small tumors, when treatment with standard surgery is not an option, or when someone cannot have surgery due to health complications. This type of treatment is commonly referred to as "surgery without incisions".

Interventional radiology at the NKI offers the following treatments:

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