Centrum Patienteninformatie

Patient Information Center

If you or someone close to you was diagnosed with cancer, you may be facing a lot of uncertainty. You may want to learn more about the disease and its treatment options, or you may have questions about professional support during the course of the illness. Or maybe you would like more information about wigs, or peer groups. The Patient Information Center can assist you with these questions, and more. 

MijnAVL Information point

You can view your medical history, appointments, and personalized advice on MijnAVL. If you have any questions about MijnAVL, please contact the people at the Patient Information Center. 

Where to find it?

You can find the Patient Information Center in the main hall, across from the coffee bar. You are welcome to visit us on weekdays between 9.00 and 17.00 if you have any questions. You won't need an appointment.

Call us

You can call us if you have any questions. You can contact us at +31 (0)20-512 9111 and ask for the Patient Information Center.

We are open from Monday to Friday, between 9.00 and 17.00.

Or use our contact form on our website. We will call you back within one weekday.

Information, workshops, and books

Breast prosthesis information from Dutch Breast Cancer Society (BVN)

If you qualify for an external breast prosthesis after your treatment, you can come in for in-depth advice from an independent party. Volunteers of the Dutch Breast Cancer Society hold an information session about external (partial) prosthetics, lingerie, swimwear, and where to buy them. These sessions are held every three to four weeks on a Friday morning and are open to all patients living in the area. All sessions are held at the Netherlands Cancer Institute and can be attended by appointment. For more information on the information sessions, please contact the Patient Information Center. For other locations, please visit the Breast Cancer Society website (in Dutch).

Workshop hygiene and beauty: Look Good... Feel better

Simple tips and recommendations to diminish symptoms or cover them up during or after your treatment.

If you have cancer, you may notice your looks change. Our workshop Look Good…Feel Better can offer you some simple tips and recommendations to diminish the symptoms or cover them up, during or after your treatment. We often hear people talk about scaly or dry skin, brittle and thin hair. Some people wonder how they can show facial expressions after losing their eyebrows. Our experience shows that you will feel a lot better if you take care of the way you look. 

Under the supervision of an experienced beautician, you can experiment with several skincare products made available especially for this workshop. A hair worker will be present for tips and advice. This workshop is open to men and women. 

Our workshop is available for free, every second Monday of the month between 10:00 and 12:00 at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Please call our Survivorship Center secretariat at 020 512 9111 to set up an appointment, or email secretariaat.ckvl@nki.nl.

Books about cancer

The Netherlands Cancer Institute has developed books for patients and their loved ones. The following books are available for free at the Netherlands Cancer Institute:

  • 107 Vragen over cytostatica;
  • 92 Vragen over hormoonbehandeling voor vrouwen met kanker;
  • 80 Vragen over kanker en seksualiteit.

Please use the order form on this page to order a book. If that is not an option for you, please use our general phone number +31 (0)20 512 9111 and ask for the Patient Information Center.

Multiple copies of ‘80 vragen over kanker en seksualiteit’ or'92 vragen over hormoonbehandeling voor vrouwen met kanker'
If you would like to order multiple copies of ‘80 vragen over kanker en seksualiteit’ or '92 vragen over hormoonbehandeling voor vrouwen met kanker', please send your request to our co-publisher Astra Zeneca. 
Visit the Astra Zeneca website and navigate to the tab ‘Algemene vragen’ or ‘Medische vragen’ to find a form. Enter the title of the book you would like to order, and the number of copies in the field ’Vraag?’