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Personalized treatment
At the Netherlands Cancer Institute, you receive the type of treatment that best suits you and your personal situation. Your exact treatment options will depend on the tumor type and stage, the presence of metastases, tumor growth, and your age and overall health physical condition. Of course, your personal preferences are another important factor in finding the best treatment for you. We will take the time to discuss your options and preferences with you, so you can make an informed decision about which treatment you are the most comfortable with.

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De Urologen Van Het AVL Opereren Vrijwel Altijd Met Behulp Van Een Robot Als Het Om Prostaatkanker Gaat.

Surgery for prostate cancer

Urologists at the Netherlands Cancer Institute always use robot-assisted surgery to treat prostate cancer. Once all diagnosti…
Bij De Operatie Verwijderen We Het Recidief Met Alle Weefsels En Organen Die Eraan Vastzitten.

Surgery for recurrent rectal cancer

Treatment for rectal cancer that has returned, recurrent rectal cancer, is often complex and requires a multidisciplinary app…
Het Doel Van De Operatie Is De Tumor Verwijderen, Inclusief De Bijbehorende Lymfeklieren. Vaak Kan Dit Door Een Kijkoperatie.

Surgery for rectal cancer

Treatment for rectal cancer often requires a multidisciplinary approach. Your treatment will consist of radiotherapy - someti…
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Surgery for sarcomas

Sarcomas are malignant soft tissue tumors. These tumors usually do not cause symptoms until they have had a chance to grow an…
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Surgery for thyroid cancer

Most types of thyroid cancer are easy to detect early, and can be fully cured by removing (part of) the thyroid and, if neces…
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Surgery for esophageal cancer

Surgery for esophageal cancer aims to cure your cancer. Surgery is an option for people whose tumors have not spread to other…
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Surgery for salivary gland cancer

Cancer in the salivary glands is rare and can be treated with surgery. We remove the tumor, usually together with a part of t…

Surgery for liver metastases

Hepatic surgery is the most effective treatment for liver metastases from primary tumors in the colon or rectum. Treatment is…
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Surgery for vulvar cancer

Surgery for vulvar cancer aims to remove the tumor tissue, as well as the seemingly healthy margins. It can be hard to tell w…
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Surgery for testicular cancer

Surgery for testicular cancer aims to remove the testicle, This procedure, also known as an orchidectomy, will be done throug…
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