Would you prefer video calling with your care provider? Let us know

8 Mar 2023 13:00

Would you prefer talking to your care provider from home with a video call? You can let us know what you prefer in MijnAVL under toestemmingen en voorkeuren. Switch your preference to on/aan and we will schedule a video consultation for you, if possible. You won't need to come to the Netherlands Cancer Institute for your appointment.

Not all appointments can be scheduled as video calls. Your care provider will see if video consultations are an option for you. 

MijnAVL, your personal patient portal

MijnAVL is your personal patient platform that provides access to all your appointments, your medical file, information, and questionnaires. It helps you stay up to date, prepare for your next appointment, and offers you all information you have previously received. You can use any device to log in through DigiD.

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