Occupational therapy

Are you unable to continue your everyday activities, like hobbies, social contacts, work, or housekeeping, due to decreased energy levels, cognitive problems, and/or physical impairments? Our occupational therapist can help you find solutions and can offer you tools to help you distribute your energy, structure your day, continue your work, improve your posture, and adapt the way you sit.

What can we do for you?

Some examples:

  • During an occupational therapy session, we look at your posture while you do your daily activities, like vacuuming, reaching on the kitchen counter, sitting at your computer, or lying down.
  • During an energy coaching session, we teach you ways to efficiently use your energy levels to establish a balance between activities and rest. We can try to expand your activity level, step by step, in terms of time, frequency, and intensity.
Our team

How to set up an appointment

You can come to see us once your physician, clinical nurse specialist, or rehabilitation physician has referred you to us. You can let them know that you would like our guidance.

You can find our occupational therapists on the first floor of the Survivorship Center (clinic 4). Please register at clinic 4 if you have an appointment.

Where is the Occupational Therapy Department?

Occupational therapy and the practice room for physical therapy (for rehabilitation) can be found on the first floor of the Survivorship Center (clinic 4) Patients with appointments can register at clinic 4. 


Whether you come to the Netherlands Cancer Institute for outpatient treatment, or whether you are admitted for a longer time, occupational therapy will be part of your treatment costs.

If you are included in oncological medical rehabilitation, all costs will be covered by insurance.

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