Rehabilitation for patients with head and neck cancer

Scientific research allows us to increase the efficacy of our treatments so more people can live longer with cancer.  To better guide these patients, the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI), together with the rehabilitation specialists at Reade (center for rheumatology and rehabilitation), has developed a fully integrated rehabilitation program for patients with head and neck cancer. This program is recognized as a multidisciplinary rehabilitation program, which means that all costs will be covered by basic insurance coverage.

Rehabilitation program

Treatment to the head and neck region can affect your everyday life. The rehabilitation program aims to minimize these effects to ensure the best quality of life possible. Depending on the nature of the condition and the treatment, you can start your rehabilitation either before, during, or after medical treatment. At the Netherlands Cancer Institute, you will receive support from a multidisciplinary team that has created treatment modules based on scientific research. This multidisciplinary team of specialists can give you professional support during your rehabilitation. The length, composition, and frequency of your rehabilitation program will depend on your personal goals. Modules can be taken alone as well as in a group.


There are several criteria you will have to meet before you can enroll in the program. Your physician can refer you to us, if necessary, but feel free to ask your practicing physician or nurse for a referral yourself. Or sign up at the secretariat of the Head and Neck Oncology and Surgery at the NKI. Please call us at +31 (0)20 512 29 95.

After signing up, we will contact you so we can map out your personal situation and rehabilitation needs and wishes. If necessary, we will set up an appointment with the rehabilitation specialist and/or head and neck surgeon or oncologist to create and start your personalized rehabilitation program.

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