Transfer nurse / discharge

Before your hospitalization or admission, it may be beneficial to think about the time after your discharge, when you will be able to go home. You may not be able to (fully) count on your personal network for all the help or support that you need, despite being dependent on it. Our transfer nurse can help you and your loved ones arrange the care you need. 


Your practicing physician can let you know on which day you will be discharged from the hospital. The nurse at your ward will discuss the care and assistance you will need at home and can call on a transfer nurse if needed. They will schedule an appointment for an intake consultation with you. 

If you are not hospitalized at our hospital, you can contact our Patient Information Center for more information about arranging additional care.

What can we do for you?

Within the legal frameworks, we can organize the essential professional care for you, in collaboration with you and your loved ones as well as other disciplines involved. We can assist you in:

  • Home care (such as continuity of care)
  • Temporary stay at a care facility or rehabilitation center, for example
  • Request aids and resources
For you to consider:
  • If you think that you may need help with work around the house, please contact the WMO office at your municipality.
  • If you know that you will need aids or resources after your treatment, please contact the thuiszorgwinkel (home care shop) in your area. If you have any questions, please contact our Patient Information Center.
  • For more information about the cost of care (home care, temporary stay at a nursing home or care hotel), please contact your health care provider. 

Our working methods

Your practicing physician will discuss the day of your discharge with you as well as the treatment you will receive after your hospital stay. The nurse at your ward will talk to you about the type of care or aids you will need after your stay. If needed, your nurse can contact a transfer nurse once we know the date of your discharge and the care you will need. In collaboration with the transfer nurse, the nurse at your ward will schedule an intake consultation for you. You can let your nurse know whether you would like to bring a loved one with you to this appointment.

Home care

if you need care at home, your transfer nurse will discuss your options for home care with you (and your loved ones). This includes help with showering, wound care, or aids or resources to help you get around, like a higher or lower bed. If needed, your transfer nurse will consider what the options are regarding technical nursing care, like a pain pump, IV, feeding tube, etc.

Temporary stay

If you are unable to go home right away, your transfer nurse can help you look into a possible temporary stay at a care facility, rehabilitation center at an assisted living facility, or care hotel. We will take your personal preferences into account, but if your institution of choice does not have any room for new residents, we will look for an institution that has space available.


To be eligible to receive care at home or at an institution you will need an indication. If possible, your transfer nurse will request or create this indication for you. Depending on your care needs and situation, you may need multiple indications, and depending on your indication, it may need to be evaluated by some or several authorities (your health care insurance provider, your health care institution, the CIZ, or the WMO of your municipality)


You may be asked to pay a fee scaled to your income. This fee will be calculated by the AWBZ and WMO care indications. You can find more information at the Centraal Administratie Kantoor (in Dutch)

A stay at a care hotel will involve costs as well. Please contact your health insurance provider and care hotel for more information. The costs vary per care hotel and will depend on your insurance policy and additional coverages. 

No care but support: continuity visits

If you do not need care after your stay at the Netherlands Cancer Institute but would like additional support, you may be able to get continuity visits from an oncology nurse from certain home care organizations. Your oncology nurse will come to visit you at a specified time. She can answer your questions and those of your loved ones, offer practical advice or (psychosocial) guidance. If you have physical symptoms, you can discuss them with her. Most insurance providers cover three to five consultations. Please ask the care institution in your area for more information. Or contact Care for Cancer for support.

Aids and resources

If you know that you will require aids or resources after your treatment, you can contact a home care shop in your area before the start of your treatment. If you have any questions, please contact the Patient Information Center.

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