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Welcome to the NKI Bladder Cancer Center. Bladder cancer is an umbrella term of various cancer types that occur in the bladder. In the Netherlands, about 7000 people are diagnosed with bladder cancer every year. There are various stages known in bladder cancer, and the treatment you will receive depends on the stage of your tumor. A tumor that grows in the bladder tissue but not into the bladder muscle is called non-muscle invasive bladder cancer. Approximately 75% of people diagnosed with bladder cancer start with non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Bladder cancer can significantly affect your quality of life. The NKI Bladder Cancer Center understands what you are going through and is there for you. Our team is specialized in bladder cancer, works in a multidisciplinary team, is innovative, and internationally renowned. Our team fully dedicates itself to provide you with the best treatment and the highest quality of life. Care and scientific research go hand in hand at our hospital. That's why you can be certain that you will be treated according to the latest insights.

Have you been diagnosed with bladder cancer? Or do you suspect that you might have it? Know that you are in good hands at our institute. We understand that you and your loved ones are facing a difficult time in your lives, and you are not alone. 


Why the NKI Bladder Cancer Center?

  • We excel at quick diagnostics and treatment plans as well as a wide range of treatment options.
  • We offer the most suitable care for all types of bladder cancer. 
  • We are experts in chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and surgery and perform the most cystectomies in the Netherlands per year.
  • Research and care in one location: you can be sure that you will be treated according to the latest developments, and there are many potential trials.
  • Our multidisciplinary team can offer personalized advice (urologist, clinical nurse specialist, oncologist, radiation oncologist, pathologist, nuclear health specialist, (interventional) radiologist, and wound and ostomy nurse).
  • Strong focus on supportive care, like experienced wound and ostomy nurses, psychological guidance, and a smoking cessation clinic
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    patients with bladder cancer
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Your treatment team

Our multidisciplinary treatment team excels at bladder cancer treatment. We participate in regional bladder cancer multidisciplinary meetings with other academic hospitals, during which we share our knowledge and educate the medical specialists of the future. Our urologist is a member of the European Association of Urology (EAU) which establishes the bladder cancer guidelines and various urologists have authored patient information for bladder cancer on and


News and innovation


At the Netherlands Cancer Institute we are always searching for new innovative treatment options. We test these new treatment options by administering them as part of our trials.


Some of our trials can be viewed on TrialApp.

Trialapp in Google Play Store
Trialapp in Apple App Store

All information in the TrialApp is available in English.

Whether you are eligible for participation in one of our trials depends on many different factors. If you have any questions, please contact your practicing physician or clinical nurse specialist.

We also take part in the DUOS, a multidisciplinary study group that includes bladder cancer trials.

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