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NKI Cell Therapy Center

The Cell Therapy Center develops new strategies to effectively use immune cells in the treatment of various cancer types. Patients with solid tumors can come to the Center for cellular therapy or stem cell transplants.

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More information about stem cell transplants

The NKI Cell Therapy Center offers promising new treatment perspectives as part of a trial for a limited group of patients who, until recently, did not have any further treatment options. Under certain specific conditions and always as part of a trial, this intensive treatment can be an option for patients experiencing recurrence after previous chemotherapy treatment for particular tumor types, including skin cancer, breast cancer, and lung cancer.

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For solid tumors, the NKI Cell Therapy Center is truly one of a kind. We can be proud of our institute's contributions toward the improvement of cell therapy at an international level
Prof. dr. John Haanen Medical oncologist


Why the NKI Cell Therapy Center?

The Netherlands Cancer Institute offers knowledge and expertise in immunotherapy, based on years of experience.

Our hospital is equipped with extensive and advanced research infrastructure, including the hospital's own pharmacy laboratory, which is essential to cell therapy and allows studies to be set up and carried out. This allows the NKI to deliver the best oncological cell therapy for each individual patient, together with highly personalized care and support.

The Center's two core programs offer various treatment options:


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A greater understanding of cell therapy

Through scientific research, the Netherlands Cancer Institute develops, unlocks, and disseminates new knowledge about immunotherapy in general, and cell therapy in particular.

Cell therapy trials

The Center provides a high quality of care and short wait times for the start of new trials.

The available trials at the NKI Cell Therapy Center are available for patients who meet a specific set of conditions. This often concerns patients who have previously exhausted their regular treatment options.

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Quality and safety

Certificates and quality indicators

The Cell Therapy Center has the following certificates and quality indicators:

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