Treatment options

Personalized treatment
At the Netherlands Cancer Institute, you receive the type of treatment that best suits you and your personal situation. Your exact treatment options will depend on the tumor type and stage, the presence of metastases, tumor growth, and your age and overall health physical condition. Of course, your personal preferences are another important factor in finding the best treatment for you. We will take the time to discuss your options and preferences with you, so you can make an informed decision about which treatment you are the most comfortable with.

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Active Surveillance for prostate cancer

Active surveillance means that we monitor your tumor instead of a more active treatment, because this isn't necessary (yet)…
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Image guided therapy

Image guided therapy is when we use technology to generate clear, real-time images of your body during treatment. Image gui…


What is surgery? Surgery is the removal of your tumor through surgery. The exact techniques that will be used depend on the…
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PICC line placement

A PICC line (peripherally inserted central catheter) is a central catheter inserted into a vein in the arm.
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Percutaneous radiologic gastrostomy (PRG)

Percutaneous radiologic gastronomy is a procedure in which a feeding time is placed into the stomach for feeding. This is n…
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Gastrojejunostomy is a minimally invasive procedure in which a long tube (gastrojejunostomy) is inserted through the stomac…
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Percutaneous jejunostomy

During a percutaneous image-guided jejunostomy, your interventional radiologist places a tube directly through the abdomina…
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Pericardial drainage and pericardial fenestration

The pericardium is a sturdy fibrous sac surrounding the heart in which a little bit of fluid can be found.
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Long-term ascitic drain

The overproduction of fluids in the abdomen can lead to bloating. This is called ascites. A long-term ascitic drain allows …
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Portal vein embolization

The liver has the ability to grow back the pieces that have been removed, as long as not too much tissue is removed at once…
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