Head and Neck Cancer Center

Tumors in the Head and Neck area are treated at the NKI Head and Neck Cancer Center. The Netherlands Cancer Institute has a central role in the treatment of these tumor types and aims to treat them while preserving function as much as possible. We often treat small tumors with laser surgery, photodynamic therapy, or robotic surgery. More advanced tumors will be treated with a combination of chemotherapy and radiation therapy. When delivering radiation, we try to spare the areas that are important to preserve function as much as possible.

Cancer in the head and neck is among the top 5 most common cancer types in the Netherlands. The most common types of cancer in the head and neck area are tumors in the mucus membranes in the mouth and throat. More and more people are diagnosed with these tumors every year, including young people. These tumors are often detected at a late stage, although tumors in these areas can develop rapidly. This harms the prognosis and calls for much more intense treatment. It is vital to detect these tumors early.

The following types of head and neck cancer are treated at the Netherlands Cancer Institute:

Second opinion

You may have been diagnosed with cancer elsewhere and want a second opinion at the Netherlands Cancer Institute. Read more about a second opinion and how it works at our institute.  

Your practicing physician will determine which examinations are needed to diagnose you and to come up with a treatment plan in collaboration with you. All diagnostic tests and treatment types are available if needed and desired. The diagnostic tests and treatment types that are right for you will depend on your fitness, age, and the stage of your illness. 

Why the NKI?

  • Have you been diagnosed with head and neck cancer at a different hospital? You can come to us for a second opinion or treatment.
  • Research and care in one location: you can be sure that you will be treated according to the latest developments and newest treatment methods. We will provide a personalized treatment option for you.
  • The Netherlands Cancer Institute has experience in reconstructive surgery after major procedures. This type of surgery is vital for cosmetic reasons as well as to retain vital functions like eating, drinking, breathing, and talking. 
  • Large focus on supportive care, like physical therapy, mental health care, dietetics, and rehabilitation.
  • Plenty of time for you and your loved ones.
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Patient satisfaction rates at the Netherlands Cancer Institute

Patients give the Netherlands Cancer Institute the following ratings.

  • 9.1
  • 8.9
  • 9.0
  • 8.7
    Wishes when choosing treatment
  • 8.8
    Shared decision making

Treatment team

Our specialists excel at head and neck cancer treatment. They come together for a multidisciplinary team meeting during which they will review your test results and medical history in order to find the best treatment plan for you. Your physician will discuss this plan with you. At the Netherlands Cancer Institute you are an equal partner in our team, and we will decide on your treatment together.