Webinar New treatments options for painful bone metastases

14 apr. 2021 14:00 - 15:30

The potential of interventional oncology as added value to current therapies

Evidence of the added clinical value of minimally invasive techniques continues to emerge, yet many doctors remain unaware of the massive potential of interventional oncology to destroy tumours and treat pain. These minimally invasive percutaneous therapies include endovascular embolization and thermal ablation with radiofrequency (RFA) or microwaves (MWA), cryoablation, and percutaneous cementoplasty (PC). Ablation and consolidation in bone cancers is now one of the fastest-growing areas in many oncology centres. It is particularly useful to increase the comfort in patients suffering painful bone helping to reduce the doses of analgesics and for the treatment of oligometastatic cancer to the bone.

In the webinar ‘New treatment options of painful bone metastases’ professor Jean-Emmanuel Kurtz will outline the current situation and results together with the potential applications and contribution of radiofrequency ablation. Professor Afshin Gangi will show the results of 200 patients with painful bone metastases treated with interventional oncology one year after treatment, and Dr. Julien Garnon will compare the different ablation modalities and show examples of cases of bone metastases treated by means of interventional oncology.

Suitable for:
Oncologists, (orthopaedic) surgeons, radiation oncologists, anesthesiologists, general practitioners and patients. 



14:00 | Introduction
C. Schmid

14:05 | Current situation; Functional results, Possible clinical situation; Added value for radiofrequency ablation.
Prof Kurtz

14:20 Q&A

14:25 | Presentation on the OPuS One Clinical Study
Prof Gangi

14:40 Q&A

14:45 | The OsteoCool™ technology: principles and comparison with other ablation modalities. Cases studies
Dr Carnon

15:00 Q&A

15:30 End of meeting